Installed SSL Certificate and now my site is down

Hi, I’m a bit of a noob. I have just installed an SSL Certificate from this site and now my website is down with this error “414 Request-URI Too Large”

What does this mean?


That’s rarely (if ever) related to SSL. 414 means the URL is way too long. What’s the URL?

its only 9 characters. If I try a different browser I dont get that message but my site is still down? My host still does’nt recognise my SSL certificate if that means anything. I can’t even log into my wordpress!

can anybody help me? I install an SSL certificate from this site, it says it’s active on this site but now my website does not work and I can’t login to Wordpress?

Without a proper error description nobody here can help you. “Does not work” can be anything.

I don’t have an error message, just this “Hmmm… cannot reach this page” or “The page isn’t redirecting properly”.
The site was working 100% before the SSL certificate.

Hi, I think it is a problem at my hosts end. Thanks for helping.

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