Installed flarectl but get Invalid request headers (6003)

I finally managed to get flarectl installed on macos using brew install flarectl and I’ve set my env variables for CF_API_KEY and CF_API_EMAIL

Trying to add a single or multiple domains using
flarectl zone create --jumpstart=false
HTTP status 400: Invalid request headers (6003)

Are you sure you use a correct API key and email address?
Are you maybe using API token as API key?
Maybe you have used global API token instead generating separate one for a domain, or if you go and use a global one (can it be considered as a risk??) for all the domains?

Can you try to use global API key if it works?
Or at elast trying with API token instead of API key … but there sohuld be some change in your request due to usage of API tokens as I remember.

Kindly, if you have patience and wait until someone else more experienced reply or try yourself and see what you get.

Thanks for all the troubleshooting tips. I’ll check those and see if anything fixes it

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