Installed Cloudflare ssl into cpanel but after some hours the it gives 526 Error

I installed Cloudflare ssl into cpanel for our domain in order to fix ssl related issues. However after some hours (from 5 hours to 10) the site goes down with mostly Error 526.
I set SSL Full Strict on Cloudflare. I disabled AutoSSL for all of the domains/subdomains. I can’t receive any cpanel certificate for main domain, autossl can’t obtain for that. So thats not an option for now.

I think the problem either cause by Cloudflare cant validate the certificate or cpanel cant validate the Cloudflare’s free ssl. Or both. Because i see there is a validation error on cpanel ssl status page and shows unknown certificate for Cloudflare’s free ssl. I have no idea what time periods for these validation checks.

Before the expiration of cpanel’s certificates, the site was working perfectly with Cloudflare. But after expiration, these problems arised.
The hosting company keeps telling me there is a cpanel SSL freely distrubuted for every shared hosting.

Please help.

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this is not helpful

No offense but, have you read the article?

Yes already read that but its not helping.
The problem is :
Cpanel SSL Status page gives this:

The SSL certificate includes this domain.
Unknown Certificate Type
Expires on March 11, 2027. The certificate will not renew via AutoSSL because it was not issued via AutoSSL.

After 10 hours the site starts showing SSL Host error on Cloudflare branded page (526 error).

Is this with or without Cloudflare paused?

If you have not already, you should attempt to temporarily pause Cloudflare from the dashboard! This would help rule if Cloudflare is the issue or not!

without Cloudflare paused.

Then try temporarily pausing Cloudflare and see if the issue remains present!

the site is working right now.
I cant pause Cloudflare for a working site.

But i tried it before. The http site is working when Cloudflare paused. But https is not.


Thank you for asking.

Correct. Unfortunately, it will say your domain is not covered by the SSL and the SSL is not valid as far as you are using Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate → if so, you would have to select “Full (Strict) SSL” option under the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare and make sure your A or A www (or if using CNAME) DNS records are set to :orange: under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

Unfortunately, there are issues with AutoSSL renewing while the DNS records are :orange: at Cloudflare dashboard.
If you have to renew your SSL certificate, I’d suggest you to switch them to :grey: (DNS-only).
Then wait for 10-15 minutes. Start the AutoSSL renewing process. Upon success and verify your website is loading without any HTTPS error, switch them back to :orange:.
And, make sure Always Use HTTPS option is disabled at Cloudfalre.

If you decide to use cPanel AutoSSL, remove Cloudflare Origin CA cert and renew the AutoSSL using above steps. If so, you might have to do this every few months, or so.

Furthermore, may I ask if you are using e-mail service from the same cPanel hosting or not? :thinking:

No i dont use email service from cpanel but the email service is there.

I already set Full Strict and :orange: at DNS settings for domain.

I also disabled AutoSSL function completely by the hosting.

But after 10 hours the site starts giving SSL Host Errror with 526.

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Is it GoDaddy hosting? :thinking:

no its not godaddy.

it seems the imported Cloudflare free ssl has 2 validation errors

You can freely ignore them.

But what if after some hours the site goes down again with SSL error?
Because I dont do any adjustment but after some hours the website goes down with Cloudflare page showing SSL Host error usually.

May I ask you to share your domain name?

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