Installed Cloudflare on website and contact form not sending me emails from clients ? anyone help?

Hi I installed cloudfare on website and contact form not sending me emails from clients ??

does anyone know the reason this is happening and what steps i need to take to fix it


Are you able to receive email from other places? Try emailing your work email ([email protected]) from your personal email account and see if you get the email.

yes that still works . thanks for response but that is not the problem

What does Developer Tools Console reveal when submitting the form?
Link to your contact form if you want?


Often this is an SPF problem caused the public IP associated with your website changing when activating Cloudflare, but your mail still being sent from your original IP.

To effectively troubleshoot and see if this is the case we’d need your domain name and a screen grab of your Cloudflare DNS entries. If it is the usual issue, it’s a quick and trivial fix.


Thanks .where do I find the dns settings ?
On cloudfare or on my WordPress admin ?

Name Server 1

domain name

The form works fine

If you still dont receive emails my random guess would be the code which actually sends the email tries to connect to a server address which is now - after you switched to Cloudflare - proxied and hence cant send the email.

If that is the case you will either need to unproxy that DNS record (switch to :grey:) or change the server address configured on your code, so that it connects to your SMTP server and not Cloudflare.

thanks a lot , I will have to get a professional to do that but really appreciate the advice Sandro

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