Installed Cloudflare it says it is working but it isn't

The Cloudflare test says it is working but it is not, using three different browsers, clearing cache and then also trying it on an android phone too.

The DNS name records have propagated but no joy. Any solutions? It should work?


What SSL Mode is set on the domain in your Cloudflare account?

Do you have a certificate configured on your Origin web server?

I get this warning message which is not a Cloudflare issue. The server you’re pointing to is not configured to respond to web responses for that domain.

Thanks for your replies.

I reset my nameservers to how they were before and works again. So I cannot believe that it is not a Cloudflare issue.

I used Cloudflare two years ago for a couple of weeks, it then stopped working and the only solution was to go back to my original nameservers and use lets encrypt instead, which worked straight away.

I would like to use Cloudflare but, just not happening at the moment.

Thanks again

What do you mean by instead?

If your origin has a valid certificate for your domain, then just make sure that your SSL Mode is Full Strict. You should also set Always Use HTTPS.

I suspect the issue you are facing is that you have a mismatch between the Origin HTTPS setup and the SSL Mode.

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Yeah the origin server is not configured to respond to traffic for that domain name because there’s no valid certificate currently.

OP either needs to change his SSL mode in Cloudflare or install a certificate at the origin.

Please, let’s not go down that route and make even more sites insecure.

The OP needs to secure his server, that’s it.

That’s the OP’s choice not mine. Those are the options. I know what option I would choose personally.

No, there are no real options. As I mentioned, the OP needs to secure his site and that’s it.

You may disagree with it but that is one of the options available to the OP.

I would ask you to use the search, the topic has been discussed a million times.

Once again, the OP needs a certificate on his server.

I’m sure it has, the simple fact is. As long as Cloudflare chooses to have the option in the interface it’s one of the options available to the OP.

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We are slightly off-topic at this point, but once more, please use the search. There is no reason to misadvise the OP and suggest to render his entire site insecure. He either uses the mentioned LE certificate or uses an Origin certificate.

No need to have such a pointless discussion and provide the OP with bad advice.

Thanks for all the input.

I have stopped using Cloudflare as for me, and after a bit of testing and trying, it does not work. As soon as I switch Cloudflare off it all works again. It seems easier to go down the LE and Zen SSL plugin route as that works fine, apart from having to renew every three months.

Thanks again.

Are you sure? Your site is currently not reachable on SSL.

The SSL issue is also the reason why your site did not load. Make sure your site is properly secured, then it will also work on Cloudflare.

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