Installed CA Origin certificate in my web server but Full (strict) not available

Hi there,

I have (I believe) successfully installed the CloudFlare Origin Certificate in my origin web server. When I go to the SSL/TLS page it now shows a new padlock and a tick between CloudFlare and the origin server. See image.

But this fluctuates on and off every so many seconds. Am I missing some configuration? I uploaded the certificate and the key to my cPanel SSL Manager. I haven’t added the root certificate yet (not sure exactly where to add, or if this is necessary).

Domain is Could you let me know how to enable the Full (strict) option? I would have thought this was now possible. I’m following these instructions:

It would seem as if you were on a partner setup. Is that the case? On such setups configuration options could be different or unavailable. You should contact your host in this case and you could also open a support request.

Generally I am surprised that the whole block is disabled though, particularly because the image on the left does indicate “Full strict”.

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