Installation Issue

Warp installed without any issue but when I attempt to update it the update program looks like it is being routed to a sandbox. I have Comodo Internet Security as my multiple function security platform. One of its sandbox characteristic I have read about is a thick green border around a running dialog box. I have shutdown Comodo but it keeps doing the same thing. I am at a lose as to what is causing my issue. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Can you send a screenshot of what’s happening (as in this green bordered sandbox)?


Here is a screenshot of the CloudFlare installation dialog box.

After this box closes the installation seem to have completed but it keeps repeating installation.

That is why I am thinking it is running in a sandbox and never installing to the system

You may still have Comodo security running in the background. Try turning off it’s features in the app itself, rather than just closing it (otherwise, some services and processes may still be running in the background)


It looks like disabling Comodo auto-containment module did the job. I have updating without any issues.

It is weird that a total shutdown of Comodo does not work

Thanks.for the assist.

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