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  1. If I have a website and want to use Cloudflare to protect, do I need to install clouflare on my server?
  2. If I have a domain name and I want to use Cloudflare to protect, do I need to change the DNS ?
    3 I cannot see the difference between free, 20$/mon and 200$/mon plan? only response time?
  1. No, you don’t need to do anything to your server.

  2. You need to change the Name Server at your domain registrar. Now it’s probably something like (or which ever hosting provider you use). The Cloudflare setup process will tell you which name servers to change it to.

  3. No need to pay for plans unless you want more features. The free plan is an excellent choice for most customers.

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once I set up the Cloudflare account and in the future I change my hosting, what kind of change should I do?
normally what is the benefit for the paid account, such as the one $20/month?

  1. You will manage the DNS on Cloudflare (great usability, functionality and speed).

  2. The difference between free and Pro is maiy functions and some possible caching increases. The Business plan provides more possible location (you have priority in case of high usage in a location), additional features and private IPs (including custom nameservers).

If you move your hosting, you will have to update your DNS records here at Cloudflare.

You can read about the upgrades Pro and Business plans give you.

(drat, @Matteo beat me to the response)

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Is there a plan the Cloudflare company will help me following the dns change and take care of clearing the attach such as DDOS etc? Thanks

also, if I have a dedicated server with godaddy, and a domain name pointed to the server of godaddy, I can also use Cloudflare to protect my site hosted with godaddy dedicated server?

godaddy dedicated server has no special requirement?

The free plan already protects you from DDOS and many other attacks.

Cloudflare can protect shared as well as dedicated servers. If your website has an IP address, Cloudflare can proxy it. No special requirement. Many customers here have dedicated servers.

I signup a free plan, it says I need to pay by usage, how can I see the invoice? I checked the backoffice and I cannot see the invoice listed? and how can I see the current usuage ? The payment can be prepaid or pay after one month? by credit card or alipay or bitcoin?

Free plan is free…unless you sign up for extra features. But you probably won’t need them for now.

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