Installation and authentication of "cloudflared"

Installation and authentication of “cloudflared”(“cloudflared"的安装与认证)
SHA256: 543947292DBC9CBE4D60C150EF3C558FD3741A608BE2BDD06F710625FD21B109
Is the above SHA256 of cloudflared-windows-amd64.exe correct?(请问以上cloudflared-windows-amd64.exe的SHA256是否正确?)
Double-click " cloudflared-windows-amd64.exe” to start the installation, a command line window appears, the mouse has been blinking in the CMD window, after the installation of this result is normal?
When authenticating cloudflared, where to execute “$ cloudflared tunnel login” command?
(认证cloudflared时,在哪里执行“$ cloudflared tunnel login”命令?)

Thank you!(谢谢!)

yes it is correct, check SHA256 here:

You can execute the command in cmd/powershell

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