Install Turnstill

Hi, I can’t get Turnstile up

On the client side no worries, but how to make the relationship with the server side verification? I don’t understand

Can someone provide me with a complete example please (client + server)?


Hi! Have you read the server-side validation documentation? Server-side validation · Cloudflare Turnstile docs

Basically, when your form is submitted (or some other call is made to the server to process the Turnstile token), the code that is called on the server needs to perform the validation. So, if you have Turnstile on a HTML form, the submit “action” will send the form data to the server for processing. Whatever processes the form data, on the server, would do the Turnstile server side verification.

If you post more details about how you’re using Turnstile, maybe even post a link to a test page where you have Turnstile implemented, that would help. :slight_smile:

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