Install Origin CA certificate on origin server


Do I copy this code I received on to one of the websites listed? I sign up for these websites.

Is there a difference? I’m a beginner. I just want the website running as soon as possible. I don’t truly know what these are. I thought Cloudflare was all encompassing where I didn’t need any other sites.

Microsoft IIS 7
Microsoft IIS 8 and 8.5
Microsoft ISS 10
Apache Tomcat
Amazon Web Services
Apache cPanel
Ubuntu server with Apache2

Thanks for your time.

Cloudflare is, among other things, a proxy that sits between your clients and your website. Where and how you host that website is entirely up to you and can chose any provider out there, depending on your use case.

When it comes to certificates, in a nutshell, this is how it works:

  1. When you add a domain to Cloudflare, it automatically issues an SSL certificate for that domain, that Cloudflare then serves to your users when they access a proxied (orange cloud icon) website.

  2. For Cloudflare to serve your website, it will connect to the origin server (the server where the website is hosted, of your choosing) to fetch data and serve it.

  3. For this connection, Cloudflare checks the security settings between Cloudflare and origin (see Encryption modes · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs)

The Origin CA certificate is used by Cloudflare to encrypt traffic between itself and the origin server when pulling your website.

As for the exact instructions on how to install the certificate on the origin server, it highly depends on the configuration used and I would recommend checking the instructions specific for that server.

I am afraid that is not entirely true, unless you are using one of the specialised hosting services provided by Cloudflare.

You will always need a host where your actual site is located and that site needs to be secured. You best make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS before you even use Cloudflare, that will guarantee that it also works fine on Cloudflare.

The certificate you mentioned, is one of the options, but it will only work with Cloudflare. Otherwise you can also use a standard Let’s Encrypt certificate, however your host should generally handle that.

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