Install DNS Records from Sendgrid gets error

Hi, I’m trying to validate my domain for Sendgrid.
Sendgrid want me to add 3 DNS records at Cloudflare but after I have added them I get error when validate the DNS in Sendgrid after I have added these 3 CNAME records
Here is the problem.
Sendgrid wants me to add 3 CNAME records like this one

Name: Value:

but after I save the new CNAME record it rip of and only have em870 left.

Anyone can help what I’m doing wrong here?

Here is one of the error I get after trying to validate These records above

We received the following error when validating the record.

Expected CNAME for “” to match “”.

Make sure they are unproxied -> :grey:

Thank you Sandro. It worked after I disable proxy.

I am having the same issue and I have unproxied the records but it did not fix my issues. Do you have any other suggestions as to what could be causing the errors?

If it’s the same issue, then unproxying is the solution. There must be something different about your situation.

Thanks, sdayman…I guess I’m not sure if it is exactly the same. It looks the same to me but here is the screenshot of the error message that kicked back to Sendgrid (all 5 records have the same response). Any thoughts?

I also deleted all the records and re-added them, this time clicking off the proxy as I entered the values…I’m not seeing anything else in any support docs so really at a loss right now.

Right now, not getting a result when searching for

Can you post a screenshot of that record? And, just to confirm, the name servers on the DNS page are Candy and Plato?

How about a screenshot of the record at Cloudflare?

Also…just a note that the DNS entry here should just exclude your domain name at the end.

I just got an error that I can only put 1 embedded item in a post (because I’m new). I tried to upload the Cloudflare screen grab as well but can’t

Should I try to delete the last image and then try to upload the CF image instead?

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That one’s valid:

I am getting a different error than the first. Initially it gave me detail that each was bad, now it is just saying “There was an error trying to validate” but with no detail is to which (or how many) are not right.
Is there a way that I can test each one (obviously you did, but I don’t know how)?

You can check CNAMEs at

cool…which part do I put in? The whole name that Sendgrid gives me?

You put in the same hostname format that I put in my screenshot.

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