Install "cloudflared" and "warp client" on same machine

I have a requirement where we have setup a small remote office with 3 people.
All three windows laptops have WARP Client installed to connect to resources.

However, from the main office we need to connect to these laptops. I created a tunnel and installed “Cloudflared” service. However, the tunnel shows “INACTIVE”.

Any option to make this work, till we get a dedicated machine on the remote network to host tunnel separately

Cloudflare does fully expect Cloudflared / WARP to be able to run along side each other. If you’re running into a specific issue that you believe to be unexpected please open a support ticket.

Thanks. Will do right away

I have a machine which runs both warp and cloudflared, and the tunnel works fine. There are errors like “already connected to the edge” bu those are expected and the tunnel is stable