Install cloudflare, change dns boom error 404


need help!!

I have installed cloudflare

I replaced the dns and now it shows me 404 error.

I have wordpress installed.
And the pages, like the entries. Show 404 error.
The center page works fine.

I have 2 pages. The other, however, apparently works well.

Without knowing the domain name, there’s nothing we can check

ok, I’ll give you an example. xxx

So the main page works, but none of the others seem to. Since it’s a 404, these should show up in the server log.

If you click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from Overview in, (then wait five minutes), do the pages work with HTTPS?

I tried that but it still doesn’t work.

With I did the same and no problem.

Work with https

If you Pause Cloudflare and the site still doesn’t work, then the problem is not Cloudflare. You need to fix your site before you put it back on Cloudflare.

works on pause. I tried again and it works.

might it have to do in htaccess?

ok, in pause work!

Although I don’t know what it could be.

It is a shame because I wanted to try cloudflare and its advantages.

Have you looked at the server log?

how do you do that?

No se mucho del asunto.

That depends on your host, so you will have to ask them how to check your server log for 404 errors.

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