Instagram page account copied

Hi, I have contacted your security team but you have failed to assist me. A website that you are hosting has copied my instagram page and sharing my images as free stock. PLEASE assist me with this. Thank you

What response did you get back from the security team? We (the Community) can’t fix this, but if you post more info, one of the moderators may check in on what’s going on. A ticket number (if applicable) also helps. For reference, here’s the link for reporting such violations:

Hi there, I have gone through all the necessary steps and filled out an abuse form. I was speaking to a member and he asked me to email support to which I did but to no avail. I am not a Cloud Flare user or have an account but I’ve had to sign up to receive support and have my issue resolved.
A site called Zamaye copied my pictures on my instagram account and are sharing those images on their site as a free stock imagery.
If you can help I’d appreciate it.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi @susans,

If this is already with the abuse team, I’m afraid there is nothing at all that the community can do. You will have to continue your discussion with them and/or support.

Hi Dom, It’s been over 2 weeks and I have not heard from them. You can understand my frustrations. It is very distressing that my content is up on a website that I did not approve and anyone can take it. It is also very distressing that this website does not have its own support team.

I can completely understand your frustration with this, and if there was anything that we could do then I would!

The community forums here are for discussing issues when using Cloudflare’s products and we are all just other customers helping each other out.

When you submitted the abuse form, did you receive a reply from the Trust & Safety team with next steps, or information? You mentioned that they asked you to contact support as well, did you get a response with a ticket number back from that?

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