Instagram block twice my account, I don't know why

I need some help. Instagram block my account twice because my web site and I don’t know
why? Can somebody help me please? My site is laplacitacaracas/laplacita

We have no insight as to why Instagram would block your account, but laplacitacaracas redirects to a non-existent page.

it is
I dont know what Im doing wrong went I didt the configuration ???

WHOIS shows that domain as not registered.

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Did you get some response from Instagram?

Did you use some Instagram “autobot-like” script or service over your domain/website?

Hello yes I receive yesterday an email from instagram that they restrict mi account, but everything start with the micro web site that I have and they say was no reliable and after I both my personal domain and after two weeks they block me again.

I dont know if I set up properly my domaind to my website or where is the problem???

What is the link to, or domain, or website have you been used, or having it added under your Instagram account that triggered their system to block you?

Does it contain some malware?

First I put in mi Instagram Bio and after 2 month they block me , so I went and buy a domain and put the domain in that. that now the name is so went I put that domain inside that website is what I dont know if I didt right.

Sorry but my english Im from venezuela and my Writting is not so good.
That I explained my self ok
I realy appreciate for your help

This URL redirects to

Also redirects to the same again

That could be the reason why.

I cannot understand how can Cloudflare help you here? Do you have your domain at Cloudflare and having some trouble with the redirection?

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OK I understand , but cant you please tell me if all this setting are properly good, I will attach pictures of my setting .

I realy appreciate thank you very much

Yes, seems it is ok to me at first sight.

Do you have some Page Rules (due to the redirection) configured at Cloudflare?

You also have DNSSEC enabled, but have you added the DS record to your domain at your domain registar?

Kindly disable it for now. You can continue the setup process later for it.

But I still have no resonable meaning why did Instagram blocked you and how is that related to the Cloudflare.

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