Instagram API and Other Things

Hi, thanks for making this wonderful there any option or way to embed instagram via api? so that new posts automatically gets displayed. we use elementor widget currently for this but its resource intensive.i checked Instagram embed in zaraz but it can only display a single post. would be great if we can use Instagram token.
the second thing what’s lacking is proper video to implement actions and triggers for ecommerce events which can work without adding any code to your website. a simple wp plugin “BeetleTracking”, a third party tool can generate settings in under 10 seconds, i think its also possible on zaraz dashboard. this will help in mass adoption of the tool. I also think this will be best approach instead of adding script in body tag of the site.

Hi @sheenugames5,

These are great feedback which look more like features/improvements you would like to see on Zaraz.

Please open a thread under Feature request for the Product Team to review:

Thank you.