Insert cloudflare between domain and webhost

good morning,
I have a domain managed by one service and connected to a web host which is managed by another service. so between domain and webhost I would like to insert cloudflare. how can I do? I can insert the cloudflare nameservers in my domain manager, but then how can I point to the webhost?

Hi @da.vinaccia,

This is a fairly common setup, you change the nameservers with your Registrar to Cloudflare and set the DNS records in Cloudflare to point to your web host.

thank you, what record i’d use? “A”, “AAAA”, “NS”??

A records for IPV4, AAAA for IPV6 and NS records aren’t needed. Just set the nameservers on your registrar to Cloudflare.
More information here:


i set the domain’s nameserver, but now i have to connect the web host nameserver…

The webhost name server isn’t necessary, you should ask them for the IP of the webserver and that should be what you add to the A record. Most of the times you can find the IP address in the first email about the hosting plan. Or in the default DNS management on the webhosting package.

thank you for the asnwer,
by default cloudflare imported my settings and therefore all the previous entries connected to the web host (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, etc) and then the A record (@ root) with the IP, the FTP record and many others.
but the web host always returns the error:

Domain status: not pointing to our name servers

Then I would recommend contacting the host and see why that error is still showing up. Apparently they do some kind of check on your domain. If that is the case I would recommend moving hosts as that is, 99% of the time, not needed and prevents you from using Cloudlares services.

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