Insecure Content Blocked

i am having a web site … it does not load scripts automatically…

and the page looks ugly… when i click on load load unsafe scripts… web site is showing as expected… but it does not get secure that way … how to fix this ?

Search the forum for “mixed content” and you will find plenty of answers.

okay … will adding Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests to .htacess file solves the problem ?

Have you tried that?

not yet… i am asking

I’d suggest you try it. It might fix your issue but there is no guarantee as it might depend on your setup.

ok i am gonna try it

:wave: @khanfaizan9906 – The best way to solve the problem is to fix the html/javascript that is sending links for http How to fix a website with blocked mixed content - Web security | MDN


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