Insecure ciphers - which SSL will fix?

We have a website which has had a security audit done upon it and has returned that insecure ciphers are present. Am I right in thinking this will be related to Cloudflare which manages the SSL certificate and we need to upgrade the certificate currently in use? Can someone help as to which SSL will be suitable?

I’ve used this guide for a reference:,not%20available%20via%20Cloudflare%20Dashboard

If you go to, you can change the value of Minimum TLS Version to 1.3.

This will fix the Insecure Ciphers warning, but some users on very old devices might no longer be able to visit your website.

If you buy the Advanced Certificate Manager, you can manually configure cipher suits for older TLS versions. But this is probably a if you need to ask, it’s not for you situation, so I wouldn’t recommend to do this.


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