INR Payment

Hello Team,

You brought the regional service to India, so why don’t you bring local payment also instead of USD?

The USD price conversion is expensive and couldn’t afford.

All major companies like Google, Microsoft are brought the INR (Indian Rupee) payment so that it’s easy for us to pay the charges or renewal.

For an example, if the price is standard I can get the annual plan or may register the domain for 5 years or more but due to price fluctuation I couldn’t do.

I request you to consider the INR payment as well since your business is growing in India and India has excellent market for you, so why don’t you bring it?

If you are changing the payment mode then sure you will get more customers. We need standard payment process instead of fluctuating price.

Pls consider the request.

Thank You


Currently, due to the RBI policy, even this has become difficult to make payments. If CF considers the INR payments, a lot can benefit the features!

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