Inquiry regarding terms of service and stopping services

Inquiry regarding terms of service and stopping services. I transferred my domain to Cloudflare after reading several nominations, especially after the previous domain provider, which is ranked first in the world, was exposed to a serious problem that enables anyone to offer any domain owned by another person for sale. You can offer the Google domain for sale, They admitted this to me after I wrote to them and that they are in the process of solving the problem. Now the most important part is that I have read many terrifying topics that Cloudflare can close your account due to violating the terms of service without prior warning. Communicating with them through support or the community takes time in such circumstances. I am in the process of Launching a website for classified ads. Anyone can offer a property or a copy of Windows for sale, for example, as is found on all sites of this type. Yes, the published ads will be subject to prior approval, but in this case, can Cloudflare stop the services and domain and cause a loss of business? I did not understand the conditions. Well, I need clarification

Sorry why would offering a property or copy of Windows for sale be a violation of terms of service?

This site will be general Classified ads
but if an advertiser offers a copy of Windows for sale, does he have the right to resell the license?
I mean this cases but in general this site for who want sell cars, homes, etc…
I just asked about some rare cases

Wait so after starting your question complaining about people trying to sell domains they don’t own you want to operate a service for people to potentially sell things they don’t own?

How odd. I suppose you should review their terms of service to see if there are concerns given your proposed business model. I am not aware of any horror stories like you alluded to.

Indeed, I understand that. When I say a site for classified ads, of course they are subject to the prior approval of many of the workers in the site’s administration. I mean in some cases that, due to oversight, will a warning be given first or not, knowing that I will create a reporting form for any advertisement, I of course refuse. No infringement of property rights. I also want to know and understand my rights. Everyone wants a better Internet

Please excuse if there are confusing meanings, I use a translator

I’d recommend reviewing the terms of use and the self service agreement.

More than 10% of internet traffic uses Cloudflare services (millions of websites). I am aware of sites being terminated/suspended, but beyond an occasional accidental suspension no actual horror stories… sites which are suspended are generally clearly violating the terms of service when suspended.


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