Inquiry before purchase a new dedicated server - does data center location matter to CloudFlare? (number of POPs)


I am from Croatia.
Recently I am planning to buy a dedicated server in a few days.
Moreover, planning to host websites and all of them will be on CloudFlare DNS.

I have two locations possible: Germany (Falkenstein) or Finland (Helsinki)

Question No. 1:
My question and I wonder which should I pick and which do you prefer for the datacenter location? - it’s about

I cannot decide between Helsinki and Falkenstein.

What are the differences and advantages or benefits?
Should I check the ping from my country to both of them?
Is there any “catch” because of reliablity, stability and speed?

Question No. 2:
Is there any “POP” from CloudFlare in Finland (at least 1) like there are more than 3 in Germany as far as I checked? -

Will the visitors have the same experience if I choose Finland DC regarding the count of POPs in Germany vs Finland?

Does anyone have servers in Finland or Germany, from Hetzner using CloudFlare?

Thank you for provided help and feedback information

Ping differences from my home country to Falkenstein - 30-50ms, while to Helsinki DC is 60-80ms.


Will that difference have some “bad effect” to the visitors of the domains already on CloudFlare DNS?

What about upload and download speed?

Finland and Germany are pretty far apart, and there are several data centers in that region.

The general rule is to use the hosting location closest to your main audience.

If your main audience is in Croatia, I’d go with Germany. Whatever route your test pings use now are most likely not the route they will follow when your site goes through Cloudflare.


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