Inquiry about updating MX Records

Hey all, I purchased a new domain for my website (which is linked with Kajabi) and I am also trying to purchase a domain email address through Google Workspace. I purchased it through them, but according to both Google Workspace help & GoDaddy support, I now need to update my MX records value as DNS through Cloudflare. Forgive me as this is probably super simple to do, but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to Cloudflare and setting this up so that I can purchase and use my domain-linked email address! Can anyone give me a play-by-play of the steps I need to take to make this happen?

Google should have provided a template of the DNS records you need. Mostly, MX records. This tutorial explains how to add those records here:

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Here’s what Google sent me Google Workspace MX record values - Google Workspace Admin Help

Here’s what I’ve inputted - Total rookie over here. Really appreciate the support guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should probably toggle _domainconnect to :grey: DNS Only (click on the :orange: to change it).

Everything else looks good.

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