Inquiry about Cloudflare Argo Feature

Hi there, We are a retail company that hosted in Indonesia. Currently we use a 3rd party chat system in our website that is on a cloud server in Vancouver Canada.

Daily latency to that server is around 230-250ms, which is still ok on our operational customer service. But the problem is sometimes packet loss occur (more than 10%), causing chat and login process is starting to have delays.

Traceroute to that server is around 11 hops (though SG and Hongkong)
Does Argo help for our case? How technically does it help our network issue here?


Argo will absolutely help with your issue, provided that the chat system is on a CF subdomain under your account. Argo uses the intelligence gathered by the Cooudflare network and their high speed connections to route your packets using the best possible route.

In you current case Cloudflare received the packet at the closest POP to the user and then sends it to the origin. Using Argo the same packet will travel within the CF network (between POPs, not really on their fibers) up until the closest point possible.

In addition Argo adds tiered caching, which should improve cache hits reducing server load and reducing latency to users for static resources.

Is this chat utilizing http or websockets?

Hi @cs-cf, the chat system is using http. The vendor said that some of their customers who had same problem, sucessfully use CF Argo as solution.
If there any trial for this Argo feature? We want to make sure it really helps us in terms of packet loss

Thanks for confirming, just wanted to make sure it was http. There isn’t a trial for Argo, but you can shut it off if you aren’t seeing improvement. I would allow it to run for at least 8 hours so we have time to optimize routes.

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