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Does turning on load balancing speed up my site, or is it having no effect?

Note the site does not have high pressure from visitors

Load balancing is generally for redundancy when you have more than one set/cluster of servers (origins) all working together to serve the same site content.

Load balancing will only improve page speed if you have an origin server setup and running at each geographic location you have visitors at.

A localised example - imagine if your site on served 99% of visitors from USA only. You want to have redundancy but also the best page speed. So you use CF Load balancer and setup a minimum of 9 load balancer pools in north, south, east, west and north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west and middle of USA. Each of those 9 load balancer pools have 3 origin servers geographically located in those regions that have equal weighting. So you end up with a minimum of 27x origin servers each running a synchronised copy of your site’s web server and mysql/database server data.

You then use CF Load Balancer with Geo Traffic Steering so visitors from one specific USA region hit an geographically placed origin server closest to the CF datacenter receiving the requests. So if a Los Angeles visitor hits behind load balancer, they would hit CF’s LAX datacenter and then that would communicate with your CF Load balancer’s USA West load balancer pool and hit one of those USA West origin servers which would be faster than without CF Load balancer if you only had one origin server and it was further away from USA West coast.

Without CF Load balancer geo steered multiple geo origin server setups, then next best thing would be enabling and paying for Cloudflare Argo with smart routing and Tiered Cache Argo Smart Routing | Dynamic Content | Cloudflare as it would be less costly & time consuming than having to provision and setup many origin servers in every CF datacenter region where you visitors are located at.

The above localised was for USA only. Imagine a larger config globally where your visitors were from Europe, Asia, Ocenia too and having to provision servers there too if you wanted to use CF Load Balancer for performance as opposed to redundancy.

From my own CF Load balancer geo steered multiple origins test for 16 origin servers, it was around 30-50% faster for TTFB when visitors hit CF datacenters where I have origin pool servers close to those CF datacenters. Compared to CF Argo smart routing and tiered cache it improved connection response time which close to TTFB by between 10-75% depending on the geographic region - more improvements further away a visitor was from my single origin server and lowest improvements when visitor was closer to my single origin server geographically.

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Do you mean the original servers are the ones you do from here:
Load Balancing Subscription

Origin Servers
Scale your infrastructure (we health check each origin automatically). Your first 2 origins are included and additional origins are $ 5 / month per origin.


That’s it. I don’t think this would apply in your situation unless you wanted to duplicate your server setup somewhere else. I consider this to be unlikely.

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Yes origin server is your actual server which contains your site data files/database data you are serving from.

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