Initiating a domain transfer using the API


Which endpoint should I use to initiate the transfer of a domain into Cloudflare registrar from another registrar and to provide the authcode?

I already have the domain added as a site.

Many thanks,


Hi Mike,

There is no API endpoint for this purpose today - only the APIs you see documented on:

Not sure if this is a planned feature - can you talk more about you use-case for this API? I’ll flag this up internally.

Thanks Simon, I suspected that might be the case.

I’d be very happy to discuss our requirements offline.

@mpo no problem - I checked internally and there are plans for an API. If you want to DM me more about your use-case, I will share with the Registrar product team.

Thanks @simon . I can’t see anywhere that lets me DM you.

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Sorry about that - I’ve DM’d you just now :slight_smile:

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