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my domain name will ping, my IP will ping, my local server IP will ping. I waited over 48 hours for the switch from google domains to cloudflare and still nothing works. I presume it is a problem with the name (google) not linking to the IP (cloudflair). Turned off all the proxy’s to DNS only as one post recommended and still nothing works…Google 404 That’s an error The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Any pointers welcome

What’s the domain? If it’s an HTTPS URL, was it working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Are you using google cloud hosting? May be you point domain to wrong IP. Would you mind show us domain name and tell us which hosting provider are you using so we can check. is the domain. It has never been live as such, only tested on LAN. It does show if I type in my numerical ip address, but not if i type the name. I just looked on Google & sites were eneabled, I’ve disabled this part & maybe will have to wait another 2 days for that to take effect?

Hosting is hopefully being done locally on my own server. is the name. I have port forwarding setup sufficiently to get a reply from my IP address supplied by the network service provider

I see that it’s connecting to Google sites for that 404. I also see four “A” records. If it’s locally hosted, then there should just be one A record with your local IP address.

As sdayman said, you are pointing your domain using A record but i saw 4 A records, the first 3 records point to 216.x.x.21 and the last one point to 92.x.x.97
If this is your local server, then please delete first 3 A records and keep only the last A record which point to 92.x.x.97(other record like cname … keep as normal)

Thanks, I’ve deleted the unknown A records and just left the IP I recognise.

Not sure you will get this message as I’m accused of spam advertising. Preumably for leaving the server setup page as a test page. I’ll get it changed to a simple hello world asap. At the moment still no joy, so I’d best wait more than 48 hours for any changes and try again. Thanks for the help so far…

Now I don’t see any “A” records for that domain.

I might have to purchase another domain & start all over again. Having to wait 48 hours for every change is lets say “difficult”. The “A” record seems to be there on my PC. I’d really like to transfer the domain but it has to be a .com for that to be possible

I decided to bin ALL the records from auto setup & start over. I now have just A and cname records for now and “It’s working in very basic form”. I now need to learn how to https the site & secure every thing as much as possible before going live with a proper site!
Once again thank you both for your directional help and advice.

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