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To begin : I’m VERY new to CDN’s. Like… today new. So I apologize for the lack of knowledge on this subject.

I’m currently setting up Cloudflare with a Dreamhost hosted Wordpress site for my small business. I use WinSCP to transfer FTP files to my server occasionally, as well as modify some files directly. I also have a paid SSL cert already. Will setting up Cloudflare potentially change the way I have to go about FTP access, will I have to modify or buy a new SSL certificate, and will my current Email setup cease to work with it’s current server settings?

Any help greatly appreciated.

The only thing is that you will likely need to start accessing your website via the IP address (looks like instead of the actual website name. Mail and SSL shouldn’t need to be touched and should continue working. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to ask on this community site again :slight_smile:

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You can also set up a subdomain to ease in this process.

Granted, you will get an alert box that says a record is exposing your origin address

I usually go by the following list in one of my other answers to decide to activate or not

Follow this to add it in, if you’re new

Okay so you’re saying for ftp i’ll need to use the new IP address rather than ? I’m guessing the login credentials will be the same?

Again, sorry for the ignorance. It’s been a LONG time and my expertise ends with perl and html.

you will need to use the server ip, unless you set the FTP record to :grey: which will expose your origin IP. Yes, the login credentials come from your server so will be the same.


Ok. an ip from dreamhost, not Cloudflare?

yes, will be the IP from your web host.

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I’m sure most of this will make more sense as I get into it, I just stopped at the initial setup screen with all of the records and the orange and gray clouds because I was like, Oh ■■■■, what am I about to screw up. LOL

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Have a look at tutorial 1 and 2 here and see if they help, just ask here if you need any more info :slight_smile:

They cover setup and :orange: and :grey: clouds!


Will do. Thank you.

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