Initial set up and Error 525 - SSL Handshake failed

Hi, all -

I’m brand spanking new to all of this.

We ( just started with CloudFlare and today I took care of a few quick configurations – HTTPS for all traffic, SSL/TLS on full encryption mode.

After changing those two settings, I tried reaching our website and received the Subject error.

And before doing any of that, we made the change to the nameserver (through GoDaddy).

When I research here in the community, there are some fixes recommended (and I’ll be pursuing some of those - with help - tomorrow), mostly related to settings with the host provided). My question to the experts out there is – Did anything I’ve done so far create this issue? Is there an even easier fix?

Feeling like I’m in way over my head,


May I ask, before moving to Cloudflare, have you had an SSL certificate at your host/origin server for your Website and was it working over an HTTPS connection?

Did GoDaddy provide you with an SSL certificate for your domain?

The GoDaddy Help Center could maybe help here too:

Usually, the best possible option would be to set it to Full (Strict) SSL, here’s more details why so:

Here is a great way to re-check our SSL settings for our domain while using Cloudflare:

Kindly, may I suggest looking at this the below topic for more details and a possible solution due to the 525 SSL Handshake error you are currently experiencing:

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

We are a group of mostly non-technical people trying to stand up a 501c3 non-profit, and its website, with the help of fellows from a local university who focuses on website content (only). They also helped us establish our domain with GoDaddy (and I was no privvy to what all that offered us).

To my knowledged, we do NOT have an SSL certificate at our host/origin server for our website. It was not working over an HTTPS connection prior to moving to Cloudflare.

GoDaddy did not provide us with an SSL certificate for our domain. I will ask my colleague who handled that transaction with GoDaddy to provide me with any/all emails associated with the establishment of our domain.

Right now I changed the SSL/TLS to Flexible (and can now access our website) and will take the time tomorrow to read through all the helpful information you provided, and will reach out to the GoDaddy Help Center, too. Grateful thanks!


Cheez. My typos. Please forgive them. Long day.

Thank you for provided feedback information.

There are few topic, recently a lot of users (in past 14 days) having some issues with GoDaddy as it seems:

It could work, but there are some other know issues with this SSL option:

Sure, no problem.
Kindly, take your time and re-check with your colleagues :wink:

My head hurts … from a head cold mostly. And also from the learning curve. We have registered our domain name with GoDaddy but we do not have any hosting services with them. We (or, I should say, the University Fellows who are helping us with our website) us Wix for editing/creating - and I assume for hosting. I’m still learning! I’ve now reached out to the folks who will hopefully help me import the SSL certificate from CF. So for now, I’m in a holding position (after spending some time with GoDaddy online support). More to follow. (still feeling overwhelmed)

USE Wix.

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