Initial Server load time and other suggestions for cloudflare settings

Hi Team,

We have an e-commerce website ( and we had recently added cloudflare CDN to our domain through DNS.

We would want few suggestions from this community on page rules & firewall settings which best suit for an E-commerce website built on wordpress (woocommerce).

Also, the initial server response time is more than 5-6 seconds which is causing performance issues on the website. Below are few of the settings which we have done in our cloudflare dashboard. Could you please help us suggest any further page rules / firewall settings / changes or any changes required in the DNS as the website loads in 7-10 seconds sometimes and sometimes it takes more than 20 seconds. There is a huge fluctuation happening.

I could also see in the analytics that there is a huge bandwidth being used which is noted under uncached. Is there a way that we can see what is that data being uncached and cache it through cloudflare CDN?

DNS Settings for our website

Firewall settings for our website

Page rules for our website

Performance report of our website

In the speed section of cloudflare dashboard it says your website loads in 2.2 seconds but it never happened till now.

Request you to kindly help in enabling correct settings for DNS, Page Rules & Firewall for e-commerce website like ours (2000+ products) and attain a good performance results using cloudflare. Currently we are using free account & are ready to upgrade it to pro or business if required.


Your server is already very slow even without Cloudflare. So first thing you should do is to see whether your server can be optimized to respond faster, or maybe optimize your WordPress website (especially reduce the number of plugins installed in WordPress). By default Cloudflare will not cache HTML pages, so the first request will always go back to your server.

Anyway, since you use WordPress, I suggest you purchase APO or any paid plans (which already include APO):

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Hi @erictung

Thanks for your revert.

Apart from this do you recommend any other modifications/additions in the page rules or firewall settings as per my screenshots?


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