Initial Image for Stream


I’ve installed stream to speed up the presentation of some of our clients videos, however the initial thumbnail/image provided by Stream is skewed - when the video loads, the thumbnail shows - and the first scene is the same image however in the correct proportion - so the skip bwteen out of proportion and in proportion doesn’t look very good

Is there a way to ensure the image is presented in proportion?

I’ve always used the “poster” flag for the video thumbnail. Without seeing an example of the problem, that’s all I can suggest.

Thanks I can’t see an option for poster under the video, where would I locate this option? Or is this added to the script?

I found one of my examples:

Great thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Documentation is here:

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OK @jhoncarter0127, but stream is not enabled for your account. If you run into issues, please start a new thread.