Initial DNS Entries for Domain now at CF Registrar

Hi all. I just successfully transferred a domain away from Siteground over to Cloudflare (free account). The transfer has been completed and Cloudflare is the current registrar. I cannot find out what are the initially required DNS entries to make so that I can start creating a website. The DNS records are currently empty and the only thing I see is a list of records to add. I could add them like the root, etc. but there’s nothing to advise about what to type into the “Content” section. I searched for any guidance on this but couldn’t find anything. Any guidance on how to fill in the basic initially required DNS records with Cloudflare as the registrar and with Cloudflare to be the site host (blank page). I’ve already clicked on the free site creation item. Thanks to anyone in advance.

Where’s that? I’ve never come across as such.

Would you share some screenshot?

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