Initial connection


i have website very slow when i open it from adsl, but working fine if i open it from data, i have more than one website have same problem, i fix it if i dns not Proxied.

i live in Egypt, i think the problem from internet provider, can i change anything to fix this problem?


Hi @niftypetz

Just to confirm, you said that when you turned off the :orange: proxy for your website(s) that it will fix the slow performance issue you are having?

And also I want to confirm that you said that the issue is happening from your ADSL connection but its not happening from your mobile data?

Have you had the opportunity to test from another ADSL connection at another location?

From the screenshot you shared, the initial connection is indeed very long, although ADSL is slow, the initial connection doesn’t really matter too much about the throughput of the connection but there are things which can slow it down in terms of latency.

yes, when i turn proxy of the problem happen, but when i test it from private browser… private browser will block cookies…

yes, i tested it from another ADSL but from same provider, and test it from other country, i think the problem from internet provider because in out country (Egypt) i think there block Cloudflare proxy. or block private connection…

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