Ingress - URL Rewrites appear to be broken

I seem to be facing a similar issue to this:
URL Rewrites broken on Ingress

I have a Kubes cluster running on Azure with DNS via Cloudflare.
The Ingress has a rewrite rule setup, via the usual annotation /

For some reason the rewrite rule doesn’t appear to take effect.
Wondering what might be going wrong here?

Would love to see a solution for this. We’ve had to disable CF to get our endpoints to work.

Yeah, I’ve been basically arriving at the same conclusion.
It seems like there is a Cloudflare proxy behind the scenes – I’m guessing this is what allows CF to prevent DDoS attacks or whatever, and this eats/otherwise breaks the rewrite-target.

Which is a shame, because it seems like it’d be valuable to have an ingress protected by CF.

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