Ingress + Cloudflare Tunnel

How could I use Ingress + Cloudflare Tunnel in Kubernetes?

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I would to setup custom routes to specific services in my application and expose this network using Cloudflare Tunnel.

This looks like an interesting project.

That’s correct. This tutorial may prove useful as well.

Cloudflare Tunnel will establish a secure outbound only connection between your k8s environment and the Cloudflare network. This will allow end-users the ability to make a request to a given hostname which will, in turn, be routed to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will then identify that this request is destined for a Tunnel. The request then arrives at our lightweight daemon, cloudflared, which will evaluate this request against the Ingress Rules in your configuration file for a match. Then, cloudflared will proxy the request to your application’s service.

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