Infusionsoft (Keap) unable to verify DKIM settings

I had to transfer our domain and I choose to go with Bluehost. In doing so, I am no longer getting incoming mail. We use Infusionsoft as our CRM and we’re getting the error… unable to verify DKIM settings.
Here are the setting required by Infusionsoft:

Step 1
Ensure that the CNAME " Name " or " Host " value in your DNS is the same as the following…

Step 2
Ensure that the CNAME in your DNS entry is setup to resolve to the following…

HOWEVER… Bluehost would NOT allow the underscore (_domainkey)

Bluehost told me to point to a different name server. So I pointed it here to Cloudflare.

I then added the CNAME and MX records but I still could not validate these in Infusionsoft and still cannot accept mail.

I refuse to believe this. It’s a defacto standard.
How ever, what’s the domain in question?

Yes, I know… I didn’t believe it either. But I tried to copy and paste these in and Bluehost wouldn’t accept it. I had three different reps try and they couldn’t either. Craziness!

The domain is…

Sorry for the late reply.

Did you revert the nameserver change?

mark@jumper:~$ whois | grep Name\ Server
   Name Server: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM
   Name Server: NS2.BLUEHOST.COM

The CNAME seems to be ok btw.

mark@jumper:~$ dig -t CNAME +short

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