Infusionsoft DKIM not able to verify


I’ve created a CNAME record for Infusionsoft (an email marketing app). But when I try to verify that the DKIM has been created in Infusionsoft it’s not working. These are the DKIM values!


That’s a screenshot of the record. I don’t have a pro Cloudlfare account.

I think the problem is that the CNAME is getting flattened. And it seems like the only way to turn off flattening is to buy a pro account. Then I can temporarily turn off flattening to verify in Infusionsoft and then turn it back on again after.

If anyone can let me know if that’s correct or if I’m on the wrong track that would be great.

What is the actual domain?

Flattening is actually the other way round, free accounts only flatten CNAMES on the root level.

The domain is

Your configuration would look all right, however I cant resolve any record with that name.

Try deleting and readding the record and pay particular attention to any typos or additional whitespace (even though I’d assume these should be filtered anyhow). I just created that very record and it resolved just fine.

Thanks Sandro, I’ve done that a few times already over the last couple of days. Deleted, re-added it. Check for typos and whitespaces, and it’s still not verifying.

I found some other people that had a problem with the Mailchimp DKIM verification with the Cloudflare free account:

It is not verifying because it does not exist. Now the question is why.

You seem to have a wildcard record. Could you try to temporarily remove it? Maybe that is interfering with the CNAME.

Ok, I’ll give that a try now

I’ve removed the wildcard now. I’ll retry the verfication for Infusionsoft

So far there is no CNAME either I am afraid.

Just for clarification, you only have one Cloudflare account, right? Not that you are configuring it in the wrong one.

Yeah just the one Cloudflare account.

I’m a bit lost now, not sure where to go from here.

I am afraid I dont really have an answer for the time being either. I’d try with a support ticket for starters.


Ok I’ll try that, thanks for the help!

Could you try to create any other CNAME, maybe with a simpler name? Just to test if there is a general issue.

Ok, I’ll give that a test and let you know what I find.

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