Information was made public and I'm being spammed

Was supposed to include free whois privacy. I’m receiving hundreds of spam calls now interrupting business. How do I fix this?

Sorry for what you’re hitting, it’s come up before on this site a few times. A whois on your domain(s) shows the contact information as DATA REDACTED. Cloudflare does not sell nor trade information and we value your privacy. But, if you signed up for a hosting service at the same time, they may have shared your information.

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Same for me I register a domain last week and spammer send me email with the domaine name clearly mentionned on it with a Website design proposal.

I copy the email here with the email adresse of the spammer:

We are a website design and development firm that helps online businesses to build their online visibility and engagement, faster. We can assist you in creating a website that will reach your targeted visitors. You can trust us for our impeccable work and 24x7 customer support. As a software company, we understand your priorities and work to create a perfectly designed website, as per your needs.

Please, reply to this email. I will forward you our portfolio and best website design packages to fit your business needs. Or share your Phone or WhatsApp number for instant communication regarding this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi Cloonan, it is bad to display email adresse of spammer? I see redacted…

Yes. It is bad to post that. Receiving spam is certainly annoying. However, posting such messages here does not do anything to stop such spam, and actually creates more spam. While it may be the email the email of the spammer, it also could be someone else’s email forged by a spammer. In the event it is the address of the spammer, you have spammed the entire forum with their spam! It is better to err on the side of caution and not put such information in a post on the Cloudflare community.

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I agree however to create more spam I am not convinced. good to come back to the subject of the post which is really more serious and by far will Cloudflare do a follow-up or do I have to open an official ticket? It is very clear that information leaks no other way is possible to know the domain that I registered in this way. I was about to migrate all my services to Cloudflare but I’m going to wait a while for the situation to be clarified, it’s more than worrying.

Posting an unaltered spam in its entirety on a public forum results in the forum visitors being spammed by that message. Including the means provided by the spammer to obtain the offer in the spam message means that you are working to boost the spammer’s reach, even though that may not have been your intention.

What do you expect Cloudflare to communicate in a follow up that wasn’t already covered in their initial response?

You can see what Cloudflare makes public by looking up your domain in the whois database.

I register a domain and a few day later a spammer send me an email with the new domain mentionned this can not be anything other than a leek… who are you? You seem to be the king pin of this 82 view post let other reply please not very interesting what you have to say in fact you don’t have more important thing to do than replying like you were from the Cloudflare staff?

I am someone who has been managing internet domains for twenty-five years.

I am not preventing anyone else from replying. Your question was addressed by Cloudflare staff before you even posted it. I do agree with your assessment that our conversation has outlasted its potential for further benefit. You should probably open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard, as the Community cannot assist you in the manner you desire.


@emmanuel.meikle, I believe you should calm down and also watch your language. is a highly respected and experienced long-term member of this forum and has provided countless users with spot-on summaries of their issues and accurate advice. As he did here, and every single reply he wrote correctly described the situation, furthermore this is not even your thread, but you simply hijacked someone else’s thread.

In this context, your comments are highly inappropriate and I believe an apology to is in order.


an other one king pin… you’ll probably see it in the news and probably it’s more serious than just stealing my email address the hacker seems to have probably very broad access. being able to send an email on the 3rd day following my domain registration, he absolutely must have something that allows him to dig information directly (fresh information not just an old shared database) I am not a beginner j I have more than a thousand domains registered and I manage a large amount of servers and clients it is not normal that the email address I used for domain registration is so easily used by a spammer in so little time.

None of that is related to Cloudflare and if you are that experienced, with your #billion domains, you should be aware of that.

Plus, your attitude is not appreciated. Continue with your snarky remarks and this thread gets closed.

How the security of my information is not related to the registrar Where you come from maybe you don’t understand because my primary language is french if not you’re just not experienced enough to understand that if the registrar does not disclose registrant information and confirms not to share it. And that finally a person is able to know that you registered the domain and sends you an email as if he would have been able to find your information in the whois and well it is certain that this information is directly a leak of information from the Registrar.

I am having the same problem where I registered and my information was to be kept private. However, the private info did appear for a moment. It is now redacted by Cloudflare but some whois websites still show my information.
I have been spammed many times per day by both email and phone calls for the last 7 days. It’s getting very old.
Cloudflare support said they were sorry but that’s about it.

Thank you for this most appreciated answer from a person without unjustified condescension! It’s really very detrimental and if their other services are as secure and private as simple domain registration I’m going to move on it seems absolutely unreliable to me and it’s absolutely unacceptable for a company a company that offers protection and security services. This story really deserves to be known it’s seriously enough to bring down their stock market!

Please do so, I beg you. Something cheaper than USD 60 would be much appreciated.

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I would like this story to gain some momentum for sure, especially that we seem to be a few with that issue and no one seems to care.

But I don’t think going with a revenge attitude is helping us.

In fact I am juste mentionning the possible result of this I don’t have the stock market down result as a goal.
But it is simply what appen if customers lost confidence on a service (suposed to be secure).

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