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I have several domains on Cloudflare (not bought on CF though). Tried to do a whois on several of the domains and I noticed that several fields have the status “(not shown)”. I wonder if this is CF that is protecting the domain or is it actually the provider of the domain. I have domains from different providers so I started to think it has to do with CF.

Does CF have any settings for this, can not seem to find them anywhere. I need my mail to appear as the holder of the domain. Below is an example of a whois:

holder:           (not shown)
admin-c:          (not shown)
tech-c:           (not shown)
billing-c:        (not shown)

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That part of the domain is managed only by the registrar. I think that behavior of not showing it since it’s not protected with WHOIS Privacy is TLD related. Not even a registrar’s choice.

Okey, will try to contact the TLD to see if they can help me. Thanks!

Many registrars started to not show PII data in WHOIS queries, especially through the external “API” over the WHOIS protocol, since GDPR going into practice; Some require you to make the request through the web interface of the registrar, where they can pass you a CAPTCHA to make sure you’re not a crawler trying to just copy their DB (which they never allowed based on the ToS when querying the data, but also ignored the fact that everyone did; But now, under the GDPR, they might be sued, so now - they do care) - and some forbid access even through their web interface, replacing it with either a form that you need to fill to explain WHY you need the data, and release it under their discretion, or, instead, they just act as a proxy to send messages back and forth between you and the domain owner, without ‘you’ knowing who you’re talking to. Obviously, under court orders they’ll release the data…

Usually when there’s an “over the web” method, it will be mentioned in the WHOIS response, assuming the interface you’re querying with doesn’t filter the output themselves. It’s best to use a tool that just shows the raw data, instead of going through those websites and helping them fill their databases with information about more domains.

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