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I am using CloudFlare for my domain (https), works well. I do not want to use email on my server in order not to expose IP therefore I created mydomainATgmail. Now I would like to know if it is possible to configure CloudFlare and Gmail to intercept emails sent to infoATmydomain.com and how to do that?

I would like anyone to send me an email to info AT mydomainDOTcom —> to land in [email protected]. I am using regular gmail account only.

Thank you.

Cloudflare does not process email. If you want [email protected] to forward somewhere, you’re going to have to set an MX record for example.com that points to a mail host that will handle email for your domain, then configure that server to forward the email.

Again, this isn’t something that Cloudflare handles, except by letting you set that MX record.

Currently I use such solution. I have inbox setup at shared hosting and forwarder to gmail. I hoped there is a better way to do it so I could avoid having that shared hosting.

If you’re paying for the shared hosting, it might be worth it to move to Google Workspace instead of forwarding to Gmail, but that would be up to you.

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