Info for Cloudflare team: Super long deployments from time to time

Hello Cloudflare team,

This is just to let you know that our deployments sometimes take really long. We are using Node version 16, which seems to be pre-installed on most deployment machines, but some don’t seem to have it, and then the machines download and build it:

|09:04:23.708|Attempting node version '16.0.0' from .node-version|
|09:04:26.468|Downloading and installing node v16.0.0...|

I usually cancel such builds when I see them because the one time I didn’t cancel it, the machine was installing Linux packages (not only Node 16) for at least 20 minutes.

Maybe this is the expected behavior, but in case it’s not, I just wanted to let you know.

EDIT: I misread: It’s always downloading the tar file. However, sometimes it just continues with the deployment and sometimes it installs all kinds of Linux packages.

I believe this is known and may improve with the build image v2, coming this Q1.

You might have better luck using a less-specific version of Node.js though, if you don’t specifically need 16.0.0. Anecdotally, I almost never see long downloads when just using NODE_VERSION: 16 which is the latest version of 16 - 16.19.0 at time of writing.

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Thank you, @cherryjimbo, I changed our version to 16. The issue described above occurred only sometimes, but hopefully with the more flexible version requirement it will not happen anymore at all. Great to know that the issue is known and that the team is working on a fix. :slight_smile:

This is not normal. I’m guessing Node.js’ site was/is having some issues. Got the deployment ID for reference?

@WalshyMVP, my apologies, only seeing your reply now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a deployment ID anymore, but the issue was only temporary. We haven’t experienced anything like it in months, although there was a temporary issue 1-2 weeks ago where I believe the Hugo website or package had an issue and therefore deployments failed and we couldn’t do anything about it. We don’t use Hugo, so that was a bit frustrating, and I don’t understand why Cloudflare doesn’t go through an internal proxy so that they could cache external dependencies and deliver them even when there is an issue with the source. But the folks at Cloudflare are certainly smarter than me, so there must be a reason for this setup that I am not aware of. Usually, deployments work very well and are way faster than a year ago, I believe.

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