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I recently migrated to a new hosting plan and have a new IP address/nameservers and had to adjust my DNS settings. Just switched every IP address present in the Content column to the new one.

I think its working fine now but would like to double check 3 things:

  1. How to check if Cloudflare is working properly on my website

  2. Do I really need to change all Proxy Status to Proxied in order to have the proper configuration? (there’s a warning at the top of the page)

  3. I still see some old nameservers in some SRV type rows. Should I change them to the new one as well?

  1. Properly? If it’s not broken, then you’re good. If it’s using Cloudflare, check your (replace with your domain name) for Cloudflare info.
  2. No, if you have non-website hostnames (email, FTP) in your records, they can not be proxied, so that warning is normal in such a case.
  3. SRV records shouldn’t have name servers. As for what they should be, that depends on what you’re actually doing them, but that’s not something Cloudflare is involved with, other than providing DNS.
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  1. Ok, so I don’t see any sign of Cloudflare…(Screenshot-2021-03-06-at-00-06-43 — ImgBB)

  2. So the only A record that really matters to be proxied is the one related to ? Screenshot-2021-03-06-at-00-27-12 — ImgBB

  3. I didn’t add anything there. it was just the default cloudflare configuration from the beginning…Screenshot-2021-03-06-at-00-34-38 — ImgBB

  1. That’s definitely coming from your Cloudflare connection, as that data does not come from your website. LHR data center (London Heathrow, I think).
  2. Those DNS records look good, though FTP shouldn’t be proxied if you actually use it (most people don’t use it).
  3. If you’re using a2hosting, those come with your plan, though most people don’t need those records. If you’re not using a2hosting, you can delete those records, including the corresponding TXT “path” records.
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  1. Ok, great to know.

  2. Got it. Should I leave the autodiscover A record also Proxied or its not necessary?

  3. Yes I’m indeed using A2 Hosting, nothing to worry here I guess?

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