Info about Cloudflare Plans

I’ve 100 ecommerce on a server and i wanna protect them from attacks and bot traffic, and if its possibile also caching static files.
What plan should we opt for. Those 100 sites have a domain of at least third level like

The cost of domain includes also the subdomains?
I can use the Pro Plan or the Business Plan to accomplish that?

Plans are per-domain, so if you add to Cloudflare, then all of are in the same plan.

If you also add, that would need a separate plan unless you opt for an Enterprise plan where you can custom bundle a number of domains.

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Thanks, in that case i should set the dns provider to point on the cloudflare ip and then on cloudlfare i should set my server ip?

No, you need to add your site to Cloudflare, then set the 2 Cloudflare nameservers you are allocated at your domain registrar. Follow the process here…

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