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Hi guys, I saw on the panel that an option called “Argo” is available for purchase. What is it for, in short? To speed up the site further? I have a Vbulletin forum. Could Argo be useful? Thanks!

Argo Smart Routing is there to rout your visitors even better and quicker to your servers/Cloudflares pops. Enabling it will nearly always result in faster Page Load for all applications. According to Cloudflare, the connection latency is getting reduced by 35%.

To see & measure if you will benefit and how much, just benchmark your site before activating it with GTmetrix and after, then compare them. Please always run 3 benchmarks.

Thanks! How do I know in advance how much Argo costs? Do I have to refer to the “Total Data Served” data (in GB) on the panel ??

Well you can’t tell right now, since you can’t know how much traffic exactly you will be using till the end of the month. Just approximately.

f(x) = $5 + $0.1*(x-1)
valid for x >= 1.

while x stands for GB traffic used and f(x) for the final price. Notice that the first GB is included in the fixed $5 you pay anyway.

The info comes from this section:


So if you have 11GB traffic in the first month, it will:

f(x) = $5 + $0.1*(x-1)
use 11GB, so use x=11 here

f(11) = $5 + $0.1*(11-1)
f(11) = $5 + $0.1*10
f(11) = $5 + $1
f(11) = $6

cost you a total of $6 in the first month. This also matches to 100% with the given pricing table from Cloudflare:


See your total traffic in your dashboard and check, what it would cost for you and if it is worth it for you to try it out.

Here an simple PHP based online tool, which will calculate the expected price for any given value in GB: Online PHP-Calculator

I’d say: give it a try it’s not expensive and does have a big impact. Don’t forget the benchmarks before and after :slight_smile:


With these data: Total Data Served: 720 GB (last month) how much would I pay? About $ 70 a month?

Exactly for this I wrote you the equation for the caldulation down and also ‘programmed’ a small tool, that solves exactly this question for you. Don’t you at least wanna try it? :slight_smile:

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