Infinite verify your human loop

Don’t know where to go out what to do,
Have been going to this site for ages “” to watch content and now it’s been stuck on verify your human and keeps reloading back to ask me to verify if I’m human. Infinite looping.
This has been going on for a week now.
Chrome browser is my browser of choice no extensions or anything installed for VPN or network monitoring. No browser works for me. It’s an android tablet.
I’m getting a number at the bottom maybe it can help?
It keeps changing though

Ray ID: 851927079beb0c55
Ray ID: 851934962d72b166

If anyone can assist I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks

I’ve had this problem for weeks. No one at Cloudflare cares and there’s no way to contact them for support about this issue. Only thing which worked was installing Firefox and enabling fingerprint resistance. These TOTALLY LOVELY PEOPLE WHO ARE DEFINITELY NOT SCREWING UP THE WORLD (happy, bot?) seem to be using the unique canvas fingerprint to block people (permanently?) without explanation, and that fixed it for me.

Clear cache, try incognito, disable browser extensions.

Finally, contact the site owner,

:confused: nobody cares or you don’t know how to contact Support? Both cannot be the case. There are no tickets open, so I assume the later is the case. In any event, cloudflare support is available for all customers account, billing and registrar issues. The block you are encountering by the site owner is not related to any of those issues. Contact the site owner.

Please clearly demonstrate how to contact support from the “Verify you’re a human” captcha loop. Please use specific examples, such as which URLs to open and/or which forms to fill out. Please also explain how to “contact the site owner” when all a user gets is a Captcha logo and checkbox. Thank you.

You can open an Account ticket here,

I suspect the ticket will be immediately closed if it’s not your site you are asking about and that does seem to be the case.

You need to contact the site owner, they created the rules to block certain traffic.

If the loop continues, it’s either you are being blocked by the site and/or you have malware, an out of date browser or ad blocker that are preventing you from entering. Hence these steps are recommended:

I guess that depends on the site and each will vary, webmaster@, info@ are the norm, but the sites you are visiting may not have those emails set up. If it’s a site where you have an account, I’d check the account verification email to see how they want you to contact them.

Can you share the name of the site and we can test to see if we’re also infinitely challenged? That may be a good next step to see if it’s all traffic or just your traffic. Trying from a mobile device is also a good test you can do locally.

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