Infinite redirects when visiting port 8880 of a CloudFlare website

I noticed that when I visit port 8880 of some Cloudflare websites whose origin servers aren’t listening on port 8880, I am redirected to the same error page infinitely. I tried this on fairly recent versions of Chrome and Firefox and had this issue with both.

For example, when I visit port 8880 of the jQuery UI website, , the page refreshes constantly and the ray ID changes, too. For these websites, port 80 connects correctly. I have tried this on a number of Cloudflare websites and for quite a few of them, this issue is present.

However, I have also noticed a few examples where this issue is similar, but the ray ID doesn’t change. This is the case with one of my domains where the entire server is offline (i.e., port 80 doesn’t connect either):

Not sure if this is really an issue since all the traffic is flowing through Cloudflare anyway, but I thought it was curious and maybe others have noticed this issue, too?

Thanks, not sure what is going on here, but passed along the issue to our engineering team to investigate as it does seem odd.

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