Infinite Redirect Loop

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue with my website on Cloudflare where it displays the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message on certain browsers. I’ve tried all the “Quick Fix Ideas” suggested and none of them have resolved this for me.

The domain is set up exactly the same way as others (which work fine) that I have on Cloudflare, with the free Flexible SSL and the “Always Use Https” page rule:

The only difference is that this domain has a outlook exchange email attached to it and is authorised on Mailchimp which required me to add some extra DNS settings.

I’ve noticed if I turn off the page rule I get a different error message:

Could this be the issue? That something in the extra DNS settings I added for Mailchimp and Outlook is causing this problem?

Does anyone have a solution? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.



That Page Rule does the same thing that the Always Use HTTPS setting in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates does.

But the 1000 error indicates a DNS problem. If you click the :orange: for that hostname in DNS and set it to :grey: (then wait 5 minutes), does the site work?

Hi sdayman do you mean to change all the dns settings with the orange cloud to grey? I currently have several A and AAAA records with the orange cloud.



Just the ones for

Hi sdayman,

No I did this but it just stopped the website from working.

I received an automated reply from Cloudflare telling me that Flexible SSL can cause redirect loops, and that I either change the SSL mode to Full or Full (Strict) which just breaks the site, or to “remove the redirect at your origin web server and implement the redirect/forwarding URL behaviour via Cloudflare page rules”. However as far as I can tell there is no redirect at the origin web server (having nothing in .htaccess) and I as I said I already have the page rule set up.

As I said the only difference between this website and the others I set up the same that are working fine is the extra DNS records I put in place for an outlook exchange email and Mailchimp, so I wonder if this may be causing issues:

You have Cloudflare IP addresses in your DNS. Those aren’t the IP addresses of your server, so those won’t work. Your DNS records here should match the ones at your host.

Hi sdayman this resolved it for me, thanks for your answers.



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