Infinite Redirect Loop caused by Proxy (AWS Backend)

With our website backend hosted on AWS, and the endpoint distribution managed with Cloudfront, we are experiencing a redirect loop when applying Proxy, needed for the Page Rules. As soon the subdomain is set to Proxy via Cloudflare, the redirect loop start happening regardless of whether the Page Rule is active or not. Please Help.

  • Cloudflare subdomain pointing to AWS CloudFront distribution
  • domain linked to the s3 via AWS CloudFront
  • backend hosted on AWS s3
  • AWS CloudFront distribution has AWS HTTPS Certificate issued for the subdomain (validated via CNAME)

Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).


Thank you, while this may seem as a solution, because of the differences in the backends we can’t go with FULL Strict because some of the services we use won’t have the required encryption between Cloudflare and the server. E.g. applying strict will fix this problem but will create other

Full strict does not require encryption. You can still reach your unencrypted services with the same HTTP requests you used before adding the site to Cloudflare.

For obvious reasons, you will have to disable “Always Use HTTPS” for these services.

If you really want to use Flexible, you’ll instead have to fix your services that require encryption (and thus cause the redirect loop).

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As @Laudian wrote, you dont need SSL with Strict but you need Strict to have the secured services be secured. Otherwise you still have no proper encryption.


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