Infinite Loop solved by disabling VPN

trying to access a site that uses Cloudflare DDOS protection using Google Chrome, was stuck on an infinite “Verifying you’re human” page. This problem started after yesterdays maintenance downtime. I asked the site owners on their discord about the issue, and they suggested disabling my VPN, and then contacting Cloudflare Support, or asking the Cloudflare community. So here I am. Why would I need to disabled my VPN to get past this loop on Chrome? and is there anything Cloudflare can do about it?

(and yes, disabling my VPN did allow me access to the site, but I’m not comfortable keeping my VPN off for privacy reasons)

It sure sounds like the VPN is blocking a critical asset. There’s not much Cloudflare can do about that.

Have you asked your VPN provider what they’re blocking?

I can access the site while the VPN is active if I use Safari, so I’m not sure that’s the issue. besides, Nord (the VPN I use) hasn’t had an update/maintenance downtime in the last 24 hours like Cloudflare has.

now that I’m thinking through it that makes it sound like a Chrome issue, but the first thing I did was clear my cache ad browsing data, restart Chrome, and then restart my laptop

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